Free Child Care for the Children of Our Scholars! ABQ Charter Academy is pleased to announce the opening of our Child Enrichment Center, where children ages birth-3 years can receive high quality child care from licensed professionals. Our center is available only to the children of our enrolled scholars while they work on their high school diploma. See for more information and to fill out an interest form.
2 days ago, Webmaster
Congrats to our final Class of 2021 graduates: Jasmine Kelley and Victoria Gonzales! Way to finish strong!
1 day ago, Amy Roble
Happy Friday! Today is the final day of school for the 2020-2021 school year. Classes meet on zoom this morning and we are open for office hours this afternoon. You may continue to work on your coursework over summer break but, if you need your teachers, make sure you reach them today. Enjoy your summer break and be safe!
1 day ago, Amy Roble
Please join us Tuesday June 22nd @ 3:30 PM, via zoom, to provide valuable community ​input as we plan our return to pre-pandemic schooling. Join us via zoom: on Tuesday June 22nd @ 3:30 PM.
2 days ago, Business Manager
Happy Monday of the last week of school! Staff are available in zoom all day today. Use today to get some one-on-one help to finish up before summer break. Classes/office hours are on regular schedule the rest of the week. The last day of school is Friday, 6/18. Finish strong!
6 days ago, Amy Roble
Happy Friday! Reminder: there are no classes or office hours today. However, you can still access your coursework all weekend. We have 1 more week of school. If you finish all required credits by Friday, June 18th, you will still be a graduate of the Class of 2021! You can do it!
9 days ago, Amy Roble
Happy Thursday! Today is a regular Thursday schedule- Red Chile zoom classes are this morning at 8:30am and 10:30am and in person office hours are from 12:30-4:30pm. The school is closed tomorrow so, if you need your teachers, make sure you reach out today!
10 days ago, Amy Roble
Good morning! Today is a regular Wednesday schedule. In person office hours are occurring now until 11:30am and Wednesday No Chile zoom classes will meet this afternoon at 12:30pm and 2:30pm. See you soon!
11 days ago, Amy Roble
Good morning ABQCA peeps! Today is a regular Tuesday school day. We are currently open for office hours until 11:30am and Yellow Pepper classes meet on zoom this afternoon at 12:30pm and 2:30pm. See you soon!
12 days ago, Amy Roble
Happy Monday! Today is an usual day- today is a Green Chile day. So, if you usually have zoom class on Fridays, your classes are today at 8:30am and 10:30am on zoom. We will also have in person office hours today from 12:30-4:30pm. See you soon!
13 days ago, Amy Roble
Happy Graduation Day! There are no classes/office hours today due to Graduation. There is limited capacity at the venue - we will live stream the ceremony on our Facebook page and post the video after on our website. Congrats to all our 2020 and 2021 graduates!
16 days ago, Amy Roble
Wow! What a day! Here are some of our newest grads who just made the deadline to walk in the ceremony. Congrats to: Jasmine Haynes, Mariah Archuleta, Jonah Perea, Haleigh Treadway, Jaelene Estrada, Jadia Quezada, Alyssa Griego, Kassandra Lozano, Jacob Quick, and Ileana Vizcaino!
16 days ago, Amy Roble
We've added 2 more graduates to the list! Congrats to Destinee Barros and Kate Ornelas! Graduation is Friday so you still have today and tomorrow to finish your credits and still be able to walk the stage. You got this!
18 days ago, Amy Roble
Wow! You all are amazing. Check out all these grads today: Angelo Romero, Mayra Fernandez, Sierra Chavez, Pamela Soto, Liam, Burns, Daniella Legarda, Monique Johnson, Samantha Hopkins, James Karoki, Arianna Ibarra, Sirjustin Bowen, David Lee, Gabriella Legarda, Marisella Madrid and Michelle Martinez!
29 days ago, Amy Roble
Wow! Check out all our new graduates who finished today! Congrats to: Darion Dallas, Kamau Desormeau, Jonah Carrion, Tawny Skeets, Gabriel Romine, Shanell Triana, Janessa Triana, Yesenia Gutierrez, Judith Solis, Edith Ruiz, Sorayma Camacho! Let's see how many we can add tomorrow!
about 1 month ago, Amy Roble
Update!! Friday, 5/21 at 4:30pm is the deadline to be considered for graduation awards and to be listed in the graduation program. IF YOU FINISH BETWEEN 5/21 AND THE DAY BEFORE GRADUATION 6/3, YOU WILL STILL BE ALLOWED TO WALK IN THE CEREMONY- YOU JUST WON'T BE IN THE PROGRAM.
about 1 month ago, Amy Roble
Time for our daily grad update! We had several more scholars finish today! Congrats to: Rebekah Sisneros, Lluvia Rojo, Marz Hernandez and Dasha Gallegos! Great job!!!!
about 1 month ago, Amy Roble
You did it
We already have another grad today- coming in for office hours really helps! Congrats to Jordin Dosch! Now, who is next??
about 1 month ago, Amy Roble
Another week, another grad! Congrats to Renee Lucero! We are open for office hours now until 11:30am. Come get some help in person! Just a reminder: masks are still required for everyone in the school building.
about 1 month ago, Amy Roble
Congratulations to our 2 most recent grads: Erik Hedrick and Eve Sechrist! We will be open tomorrow morning from 7:30-11:30am for in person office hours- come work with us so you can be the next grad!
about 1 month ago, Amy Roble