Leadership and Scholar Services

Mr. Erik Bose
Mr. Erik BoseExecutive Director

One of the 6 co-founders of ABQ Charter Academy, Mr. Bose has been working in education since 1993. He started as a High School Soccer Coach as he was working his way through college. He attended UNM and earned a BA in History/Education in 1996, and eventually became licensed as a Special Education teacher. His first teaching job was at Manzano High School (1996-2000) where he taught Special Education classes and coached the varsity soccer team to a state championship. From there he transferred and taught inclusion classes at McKinley Middle School (2000-2004). While at MMS, he was accepted into the CEAIP program at UNM where he earned his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2004.

That same year, he was hired at ABQ Charter Academy and worked his way up through the classroom, to assistant principal, to principal, and he now serves as the Executive Director. He is excited to have been a part of our transition from where we started to where we are today and he looks forward to a fantastic future at ABQCA.

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Dr. Sandy Roth, Ph.D.
Dr. Sandy Roth, Ph.D.Director of Curriculum and Assessment

An educator since 1994, Dr. Roth is one of the 6 co-founders of ABQ Charter Academy. In her current role, she oversees all curriculum and program development at ABQCA, evaluating the needs of our scholars and creating program to fulfill those needs. She is also our District Test Coordinator and SAT/504 Coordinator. Dr. Roth has dedicated her career to working with at-risk students, and had 14 years of experience as a classroom teacher before stepping into a leadership role in 2008.

A certified Level III-A Instructional Leader, she holds a BA in English from Rutgers University, an MA in English/Critical Writing from William Patterson University, and a PhD in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico. Her area of expertise is the examination of how public schools systematically exclude and alienate working-class students and students of color, and she works to undo those systems of exclusion and create equity in public schooling .

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Ms. Amelia Garcia
Ms. Amelia GarciaSchool Counselor

A licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Level III School Counselor, Ms. Garcia attended Eastern Arizona and Chaminde University on a softball scholarship. She received a BA in Psychology from Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii and a MA in Counseling from Webster University. She has a history of working with at-risk youth; she began her career as a Juvenile Probation Officer, received her MA in Counseling, and was a Multi-Systemic Therapist working with at-risk youth and their families. She began her career in education in 2012 as a school counselor working for a charter school in Los Lunas, NM, and joined the ABQCA team in 2017.

Ms. Garcia believes every person has the ability to earn a high school diploma and feels honored that she is able to help guide and support them in doing so. She is grateful for the opportunity she has been given to work with our scholars and looks forward to a wonderful future at ABQCA.

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Ms. Amy Roble
Ms. Amy RoblePrincipal

Ms. Roble earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education, a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of New Mexico, and holds a Level III-B Administrative License. She was an Administrator for eight years in both a charter school and district setting before joining ABQ Charter Academy in August, 2012. She brings a wealth of experience to the program having previously served as both an elementary Bilingual Teacher and Special Education Teacher.

Ms. Roble is also the Secretary/Treasurer for the New Mexico Association of Secondary School Principals and served on the Middle Level Leadership Task Force for the National Association of Secondary School Principals. In addition, she served on the Principal’s Support Network, which is a group of New Mexico Administrators brought together by the New Mexico Public Education Department and the Wallace Foundation to pilot new data tools to aide Administrators in data analysis and Management. She was named New Mexico Secondary Principal of the Year in 2015.

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Ms. Deb Moya
Ms. Deb MoyaAssistant Principal

Ms. Moya joined the ABQ Charter Academy staff in 2014, bringing with her a wealth of expertise. She began her career in education in 1995, and has worked as an elementary school teacher, a Special Education instructor in elementary, middle, and high school, and as the Site Specialist and Assistant Principal at Rio Rancho Middle School. She has extensive experience working with students with learning disabilities and with significant behavioral difficulties at both the elementary and secondary levels. Ms. Moya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Eastern New Mexico University, a Master of Education in Special Education from UNLV, and earned her NM Administrative Licensure from NM Highlands University. She is a certified Level III-A Instructional Leader and Level III-B Administrator. She was named a Distinguished Educator in Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV, Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Special Education at ENMU, and New Mexico Assistant Principal of the Year in 2017.

Ms. Moya welcomes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of ABQCA scholars who have been given a second chance to earn their high school diploma.

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Ms. Kelly Shelton
Ms. Kelly SheltonSchool Social Worker

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Shelton started her career in education in 1997, and joined the ABQCA staff in 2015. In addition to her MSW from University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Shelton holds a BA in Elementary Education from UNM, and has many years of experience working with at-risk youth as both a teacher and social worker. She is also certified to work with both survivors of sexual abuse and sexual offenders. Ms. Shelton firmly believes that every individual struggles at some point in life, and everyone needs a hand. She is energized to work with ABQCA scholars and help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

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Instructional Team

Ms. Shawn Burich
Ms. Shawn BurichEnglish and Health Instructor

A certified Level III-A Instructional Leader, Ms. Burich started her career in education teaching Upward Bound Vision Quest summer school in 1995. She began teaching in New Mexico in 2004, and joined the staff of ABQ Charter Academy in 2006. She holds a Master’s in Education, a BAS in English Education, and a BA in Women’s Studies, and is certified to teach both English Language Arts and Health.

Ms. Burich believes that in order foster success among her scholars, she must strive every day to be the teacher that she herself never had.

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Mr. John Broilo
Mr. John BroiloSTEM Instructor

Mr. Broilo began his career here at ABQCA in 2004. He holds a Baccalaureate of Liberal Arts degree from UNM with a focus in mathematics, and a Level I teaching certification. Mr. Broilo teaches Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, and Robotics. He also offers electives such as Music Appreciation and 3D Printing.

Mr. Broilo enjoys our school so much that he plans on staying with us until his retirement. He feels that we have a terrific bunch of caring individuals working together to provide support for our scholars as they achieve their goals, and he is very proud to be part of our team.

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Ms. Amanda Glantz
Ms. Amanda GlantzVisual Arts and Electives Instructor

Ms. Glantz started teaching in 2008, and joined the ABQ Charter Academy staff in 2011. She holds a BA in General Studies and is a certified Level II English and Visual Arts instructor.

In her current role, Ms. Glantz teaches all Visual Arts classes, which include Drawing, Graffiti Art, Digital Art, Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. She also runs ABQCA’s Electives program, through which scholars can choose from over 50 elective course options.

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Ms. Stephanie Harrington
Ms. Stephanie HarringtonSpecial Education, Reading Strategies, and ELL Instructor

A certified Level III-A Instructional Leader, Ms. Harrington has been teaching since 1991. She holds a BA in Art History and Creative Writing and an MA in Special Education, both from UNM. She is Highly Qualified in English, Social Studies, and Visual and Performing Arts, and is TESOL certified. Ms. Harrington joined the ABQCA team in 2014.

As a Reading Strategies instructor, she works closely with students to improve their reading skills and prepare them for high school level coursework in Language Arts.  As an ELL Instructor, she builds English language proficiency with our students who speak English as a second language.

Ms. Harrington loves working with our students because they truly appreciate getting an education. She feels that ABQCA is a wonderful place where students are able to re-engage with their education and she is very grateful to be part of that.

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Ms. Becky Hutchinson
Ms. Becky HutchinsonAssessment Specialist

Ms. Hutchinson began her career in education when she joined the ABQCA staff in 2006. She has earned over 80 college credits at CNM, where she focused on Criminal Justice, and she is a certified Level III Educational Assistant. In her position as Assessment Specialist, she guides our scholars through the process of taking the ACT, SAT, TABE, WorkKeys, and Accuplacer assessments, and is instrumental in ensuring that they are ready to move on to college or career upon graduation. She also provides one-on-one tutoring in a distraction-free environment for scholars who struggle in a larger classroom setting.

Before coming to ABQCA, Ms. Hutchinson worked with incarcerated youth for three years as a Corrections Officer. She believes that learning does not come naturally to everyone, and that people often need to be taught how to learn. She loves that all of the ABQCA staff are passionate about helping our scholars succeed in school and in life.

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Mr. Michael Mack
Mr. Michael MackMathematics Instructor

An educator since 2000, Mr. Mack is one of the 6 co-founders of ABQ Charter Academy. He holds both a Level III-A Instructional Leader and Level III-B Administrative License, and is highly qualified to teach both Secondary Mathematics and Business Education.

Mr. Mack holds a BA in Organizational Management from Northland College (Ashland, WI), an MA in Secondary Education from UNM, and has studied Organizational Management at University of Phoenix. Mr. Mack was a Disney Teacher of the Year award recipient for his work with teaching mathematics for social justice. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Secondary Mathematics Instruction at UNM. His research focus is identifying and assessing the nature of "deeper understanding" as it relates to student learning in secondary mathematics.

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Ms. Jeanette Perez
Ms. Jeanette PerezScience Instructor
Ms. Perez began her teaching career in 2011, and joined the Albuquerque Charter Academy team in 2015. She holds a B.S. in Microbiology, an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences, and holds Level III teaching certifications in Science and Health, as well as a Special Education certification. She teaches Biology, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, and Forensic Science. Ms. Perez is passionate about providing educational opportunities to scholars who have had difficulty finding success in a traditional classroom setting. She is focused on helping scholars of all ability levels to pursue their goals, and is proud to be part of the ABQCA team.
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Mr. Art Sandoval
Mr. Art SandovalSocial Studies Instructor

Mr. Sandoval, who joined the ABQ Charter Academy team in 2008, holds a Level II teaching license in both Social Studies and Business. as well as a Special Education certification. He’s earned a BBA in Marketing with a minor in History, and a Masters in Secondary Education. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Sandoval coached youth soccer for ten years, including four years as the Varsity Boys Head Coach at Albuquerque High School.

Mr. Sandoval believes strongly that every person deserves a second chance and that given the opportunity and a positive environment to learn, they will succeed. He appreciates that at ABQCA, he has the opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life, and he feels grateful to work with a great staff which shares that belief.

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Ms. Cathe Sanchez
Ms. Cathe SanchezEnglish Instructor

An educator since 2002, Ms. Sanchez holds a BA in English Literature with a minor in Biology from UNM, and is a certified Level II Secondary English Language Arts instructor. Before coming to ABQ Charter Academy in 2008, she taught English and Drama at James Monroe Middle School.

Ms. Sanchez believes that education is the most important foundation of a functional and robust democracy, and every single person who wants to become more educated, no matter what his or her circumstances, deserves the opportunity to do so. She truly loves working with ABQCA scholars.

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Ms. Rosanna Toledo
Ms. Rosanna ToledoSpecial Education Instructor

One of the 6 co-founders of ABQ Charter Academy, Ms. Toledo began her career in 1982 as an Educational Assistant in Albuquerque Public Schools. She went on to earn an MA in Special Education from UNM and is a certified Level III-A Instructional Leader. In her current role, she teaches Mathematics to students with learning disabilities.

Ms. Toledo’s favorite aspect of working at our school is the time she spends working with our scholars. She feels that education becomes extremely rewarding for them and she is pleased that she can contribute to their success. ABQCA embodies her deeply held belief that education should be free and accessible to all people at all levels of academic ability.

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Ms. Jennie Trinkaus
Ms. Jennie TrinkausElectives Instructor

Ms.Trinkaus joined the staff at Albuquerque Charter Academy in 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, and teaches courses in ABQCA’s Electives program along with Ms. Glantz.

Ms.Trinkaus is excited to be a part of a team that works tirelessly to provide flexible, creative and successful pathways for scholars striving to obtain their high school diploma.

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Mr. Randy Valles
Mr. Randy VallesMath Strategies and Robotics Instructor

One of the 6 co-founders of ABQ Charter Academy, Mr. Valles began his career as an educator in 1994. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Arizona, with a Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Secondary Math Education. When he began teaching Pre-AP math in El Paso, he brought the passing rate from 17% to 90% within three years. He also worked at University of Arizona for over three years, where he tutored all college-level Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering classes.

In his position as Math Strategies Instructor, Mr. Valles works closely with scholars who have gaps in their understanding of mathematics and prepares them to take high school level math courses. He also runs ABQCA's award-winning Robotics Program, which was among the first high school Robotics programs in the state.

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Mr. Sean Wingfield
Mr. Sean WingfieldSocial Studies and PE Instructor

Originally from South Florida, Mr. Wingfield has been teaching since 1997. He holds a BA in Education from Florida Atlantic University, and Level II certifications in Social Studies, Special Education, Coaching, and Physical Education. He joined the ABQ Charter Academy staff in 2005; he teaches all Social Studies courses and runs our Physical Education program.

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Ms. Shawna Wright
Ms. Shawna Wright College and Career Readiness Instructor

Ms. Wright has been supporting struggling students since 2009: she’s worked as an AVID tutor for APS, as a Behavior Management Specialist with Desert Hills, and as a tutor at UNM’s Center for Academic Support. Ms. Wright teaches our College and Career Readiness courses and manages ABQCA's Dual Credit program, through which scholars can earn credit in high school and college simultaneously. She holds a BA in English Literature from UNM, a Level I Teaching License, and a Level III Pre-K Educational Assistant License.

Ms. Wright feels very lucky to be able to connect with scholars of all walks of life who come to class willing to learn despite the many obstacles they face. Her conversations with her scholars invigorate her and stimulate her to learn more each day. ABQCA embodies her deeply held belief that everyone should have an opportunity to get a quality education through individualized instruction that is based on their own unique interests and needs.

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Administrative Team

Ms. Donna Baca
Ms. Donna BacaRegistrar

Ms. Baca began working in public schools in 1999, and has been the Registrar of ABQ Charter Academy since 2004. She graduated from Manzano High School and holds an Office Occupation Certification which she earned at CNM. She feels that words cannot express how fortunate she feels to be part of the exceptional team at ABQCA. She feels proud of our staff, scholars, and the mission of our school. In her position as Registrar, she is often the first staff member to meet our scholars and their families; she loves getting to know them, and is passionate about helping them in any way she can.

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Mr. Jarryd Rue
Mr. Jarryd RueSecurity Manager & Health Assistant

Mr. Rue began his career in security in 2010, started specializing in working with at-risk youth in 2012, and joined the ABQ Charter Academy team in 2014. As Security Manager, he is often the first person to welcome our scholars on campus each day. He has a passion for helping others, and he aims to foster a safe and positive learning environment at ABQCA. In addition to his role as Security Manager, Mr. Rue is also a Certified School Health Assistant with additional certifications in First Aid and CPR, and a core member of ABQCA’s Health and Wellness Team.

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Ms. Andrea Kepple
Ms. Andrea KeppleExecutive Assistant/STARS Coordinator

A member of the ABQCA staff since 2015, Ms. Kepple holds a BA in Theatre (with a Psychology Minor) from Montclair State University, NJ. Her employment within the educational system started in 2003 at Rutgers University as a Senior Administrative Assistant. After moving to New Mexico in 2006, Ms. Kepple worked at Youth Development, Inc. for 8 years, where she nurtured her passion for helping others on a daily basis.

Ms. Kepple is grateful to be part of the ABQCA team and mission. She believes that having a high school diploma is the first step to numerous opportunities for our scholars, and she truly enjoys helping our scholars further their dreams.

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Mr. Sean Fry
Mr. Sean FryBusiness Manager
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