3D Printing and Design

  • ID: 3701

In this course, scholars learn to design in a 3D environment. Create your own ideas and print them on our 3D printers. Teacher: Mr. Broilo

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Introduction to Computer Science

  • ID: 3707

This course combines engaging online and offline activities in a rigorous one semester course for scholars who may be aspiring to technical careers.  Building on lessons covering the software development lifecycle and software development methodologies, the course uses online discussions, activities, and  lessons to lead you through additional key topics such as quality control, system implementation…

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Keyboarding 1-3

  • ID: 3695

These half-credit courses use the Mavis Beacon software to improve typing speed and accuracy. Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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Robotics 1-3

  • ID: 3699

In this course, scholars learn to build and control physical and virtual robots. Scholars will implement programming to complete challenges and tasks. Throughout the three courses, scholars will learn the VEX Robotics, BotBall, and DaRwin OP platforms. Teachers: Mr. Broilo and Mr. Valles

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Robotics Competition

  • ID: 3700

In this course, scholars will utilize skills learned in Robotics to compete in intramural and statewide championships in VEX and BotBall. Teachers: Mr. Valles and Mr. Broilo

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