• ID: 3665

Course provides for an understanding of basic economic principles and use of economic reasoning skills to analyze the impact of economic systems (including the market economy) on individuals, families, businesses, communities, and governments.

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New Mexico History

  • ID: 3662

This survey course supports students to become more knowledgeable and aware of the historical, cultural, economic, and political history of New Mexico and their geographical connections.  Students will analyze the role that New Mexico plays in national and international arenas.

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US Government

  • ID: 3664

Course provides an understanding of the ideals, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship and understand the content and history of the founding documents of the United States including the New Mexico and United States Constitutions and how governments function at the local, state, tribal, and national levels.

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US History

  • ID: 3663

Course examines the history and impact of major eras, events, and individuals in United States history since the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Included within this course is U.S. Geography to support geographical concepts as they relate to the understanding of the development of the United States.

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World History

  • ID: 3660

Course covers the major eras and important turning points in world history from the Age of Enlightenment to the present.  Included within this course is world geography to support geographical concepts as they relate to the understanding of the changes throughout the world.  

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