Creative Writing

  • ID: 3705

This course offers students the opportunity to develop and improve their technique and individual style in poetry, short story, drama, essays, and other forms of prose.  The emphasis of the class is on writing, although exemplary representations and authors may be studied to provide a fuller appreciation of the form and craft.  Although most creative…

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Digital Arts 1

  • ID: 3631

In this course, scholars will learn how visual elements in an advertisement are used to persuade consumers to purchase a product or service.  The course focuses on an examination of color, typography, and layout design.  For the final project, scholars use an industry-standard graphic arts software program (Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop) to create an…

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Digital Arts 2

  • ID: 3632

In this course, scholars will learn the design principles of balance, contrast, pattern and emphasis. Scholars will then research a social justice topic of their choice, and create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) poster about the chosen social justice issue while applying their knowledge of the four design principles. An industry-standard graphic arts software program…

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Digital Photography 1

  • ID: 3635

Students in this course use the school’s digital cameras and their own phone cameras to explore photography as an art form. In this course, you will learn that arranging elements in photos through different composition methods (the rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, abstraction, visual rhythm) can create visually interesting photographs. No previous experience in…

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Digital Photography 2

  • ID: 3636

In this course, you will learn how lighting can create mood in photos. Scholars will practice taking series of portraits using indoor lighting techniques, angles, and colors to describe the personality of the person in the portrait. (Prerequisite: Digital Photography I) Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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Drawing 1

  • ID: 3630

In this course, scholars will be able to create their own drawing curriculum based on skill and experience level. The course teaches scholars to think more creatively, and allows scholars to draw what captivates them. No previous experience in drawing is required, and beginners are welcome. Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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Fashion Design

  • ID: 3687

From Components of Fashion to Haute Couture to Production, this course is focused on the practical aspects of career preparation in the fashion design industry. The 17 lessons in the course provide students with both breadth and depth, as they explore the full gamut of relevant topics in fashion design. Online discussions and course activities…

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Financial Literacy – CNM

  • ID: 3677

This is the FIN1010 CNM course.  Students earn credit at both ABQCA and CNM upon completion of this course. The course introduces students to the basics of money management and financial skills necessary to meet real-world challenges. The course is interactive and will cover concepts and decision making through illustrations and real-life problems. Topics covered…

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Game Development

  • ID: 3684

In this course, students will learn the ins and outs of game development to prepare them for a career in the field. Whether it is the history of video games, character development, mobile game design, user interface design, social gaming, or the principles of development design and methodologies, this 20-lesson course covers it all. As…

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Gothic Literature

  • ID: 3685

Gothic Literature is a half-credit course with 14 lessons that analyze the conventions, elements, themes, and other characteristics of Gothic literature. This course covers subject areas such as:  morality and spirituality in gothic poetry, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, dual personalities, Edgar Allan Poe, Dracula, gothic conventions across time, and many more. Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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