Street Art

  • ID: 6535

This course provides the opportunity for scholars to study street artists such as Roadsworth and Banksy. Scholars explore using stencils to create works of art meant for public places. Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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3D Printing and Design

  • ID: 3701

In this course, scholars learn to design in a 3D environment. Create your own ideas and print them on our 3D printers. Teacher: Mr. Broilo

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  • ID: 3672

The ACT and SAT assess high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The ASVAB is a test developed and maintained by the Department of Defense. ASVAB scores count toward the Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) score. Our courses prepare students to take these tests by learning the content ideas they…

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Accuplacer Prep

  • ID: 3674

ACCUPLACER tests provide information about academic skills and, in conjunction with a student’s academic background, are used by college advisors to provide guidance on course selection.  This test is used as the academic placement test at CNM. Our course prepares students to do well on all sections of this test. Teacher: Ms. Wright

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Adobe Illustrator

  • ID: 3634

This course is great beginner’s course for students who are interested in drawing and technology. Illustrator is the industry-standard program used to create vector-based illustrations. This course will introduce you to the interface and tools through a series of design projects, such as creating cityscapes, landscapes, and natural elements such as fire.  Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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Adobe Photoshop

  • ID: 3633

Photoshop is the industry-standard program used to edit photographs. This beginner’s course will introduce you to the Photoshop interface and tools through a series of design projects, such as creating a watercolor image from a photograph, and blending photos together (such as blending a portrait and a landscape). Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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Business Work Experience

  • ID: 3679

Students earn credit in this course through paid employment.  180 work hours earns one Business Work Experience credit.

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College and Career Readiness

  • ID: 3676

In this course, scholars use strengths assessments to identify a college and career pathway that captivates their interest.  Career-bound students work on resume-building, interview skills, and job searching.  College-bound students work on applying for scholarships, selecting colleges that meet their needs, and taking Dual Credit college courses. Teacher: Ms. Wright

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Child Development and Parenting

  • ID: 3710

This course introduces you to the basics of parenting. You will learn the nuances of parenting including learning about prenatal and postnatal care and gain insights on the nurture of children. You will also learn about the importance of positive parenting skills, parent-child communication, and ways to use community resources for effective parenting. Activities will…

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CNM and UNM Dual Credit

  • ID: 3825

Scholars accepted into the ABQCA Dual Credit program can take any CNM and/or UNM courses they like, depending on Accuplacer scores.  These courses count for both high school and college credit. Teacher: Ms. Wright

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