Music Appreciation

  • ID: 3702

Teacher: Mr. Broilo

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Personal Psychology 1

  • ID: 3696

Self-knowledge is the key to self-improvement. More than 800,000 high school students take psychology classes each year. Among the different reasons, there is usually the common theme of self-discovery. Sample topics include the study of infancy, childhood, adolescence, perception and states of consciousness. The course features amazing online psychology experiments dealing with our own personal…

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  • ID: 3694

This course is an exciting adventure that covers more than 2,500 years of history. Despite their sometimes odd behavior, philosophers of the Western world are among the most brilliant and influential thinkers of all time. As you learn about these great thinkers, you’ll come to see how and where many of the most fundamental ideas of Western…

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Personal Psychology 2

  • ID: 3697

This course enriches the quality of students’ lives by teaching them to understand the actions of others. Topics include the study of memory, intelligence, emotion, health, stress and personality. This courses features exciting online psychology experiments involving the world around us. Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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Reading Strategies 1-4

  • ID: 3680

Reading Strategies courses are available to students who need to build basic reading skill before being ready for high-school level English.  The course involves a diagnostic assessment and targeted instruction in areas of need.  Four credits are available through Reading Strategies, and the courses can be taken concurrently with English 9-12 to provide reading support.

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  • ID: 3693

In this course, students will explore the evolution of sociology as a distinct discipline while learning about sociological concepts and processes. They will learn how the individual relates to and impacts society. Students will also learn about the influence of culture, social structure, socialization, and social change on themselves and others. The course combines a…

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World Religions

  • ID: 3689

World Religions is a half-credit course with 14 lessons that discuss the origins, beliefs, and practices related to various world religions.  This course covers subject areas such as: primal religious traditions, sacred stories, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, contemporary religious movements, and many more. Teacher: Ms. Glantz

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