ABQCA offers all core academic courses which are required for graduation in New Mexico. In addition to those, we offer the following electives.

Test Prep Electives
Accuplacer Prep
ACT Prep
SAT Prep
Workkeys Prep

Visual Arts Electives
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Digital Arts
Digital Photography

Elective Credits Outside of the ABQCA Classroom
Business Work Experience (1 credit per 180 work hours – bring in your pay stubs)
Dual Credit Classes at CNM (must apply for our dual credit program to qualify)
Service Learning (community volunteering)

Academic and Career Electives
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries
Anthropology II: More Human Mysteries Uncovered
Archeology: Detectives of the Past
Architecture & Construction
Art History and Appreciation
Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications
Computer Applications and Technology
Computer Science
Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind
Drafting and Design
Engineering & Technology
Fashion Design
Financial Literacy (at ABQCA, counts for CNM credit also)
Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead
Forensic Science II: More Secrets of the Dead
Game Development
Gothic Literature: Monster Stories
Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation
Health Science
History of Mathematics
Hospitality and Tourism
Independent Study: Advanced Topics in English, Math, Social Studies, Science
Information Technology
Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies
Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Life Fitness
Medical Terminology
Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening
Personal & Family Finance
Personal Psychology I: The Road to Self-Discovery
Personal Psychology II: Living in a Complex World
Philosophy: The Big Picture
Principles of Finance
Principles of Marketing, Advertising, and Sales
Reading Plus
Real World Parenting
Social Media
Social Problems II: Crisis, Conflicts & Challenges
Social Problems: A World in Crisis
Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships
Sociology II: Your Social Life
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals
Web Design
WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate
World Religions: Exploring Diversity

EdOptions Academy Electives: taught by a distance-learning instructor, facilitated at ABQCA
(Scholars must have excellent attendance and progress for one semester at ABQCA to qualify for these courses)

French 1 and 2
German 1 and 2
Spanish 1, 2, and 3